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Digital Marketing – Competitive Advantage

Why Digital word has become a synonym to be advanced and more connected to the customer because the world has become complex and much more connected than a decade ago.

The more you connect with the people on a regular basis the more you grow has become the trend. I’m sure your inquisitive mind asking provide examples –

Facebook’s revenue grew from 7.87 billion in 2013 to 27.64 billion US dollars in 2016, Apple’s revenue grew from 65.2 billion in 2010 to 215 billion US dollars in 2016.

Isn’t that phenomenal.

What’s the difference between the big conglomerates (not doing so well – Siemens, GE, Ford, GM, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft) and compare it with the Facebook’s, Apple’s, WhatsApp and other such companies which grew extraordinarily in last 5 years.

The difference includes lot many factors and one of the biggest factor is – Being DIGITAL connects MAN and the MACHINES all around the World, and the result is higher revenue growth.

A chat application WhatsApp fetches 20 Billion sell off. Because somebody in the world understands the value of Customer Base on Digital Platform.

This is what we can achieve for your business be it small or medium or even the bigger ones. Its time to go global, become Digital, increase your reach, become a name in people’s mind.

CONNECT to your Customers digitally now or else your competitor will certainly grab that opportunity.

Do you know how TRUMP or MODI won the elections? Digital Marketing and Media helped them become a household discussion.

Its a need of the hour to have a solid Digital Marketing Solution built to promote the company and the products to become a household name and establish the connection with the People (Prospects).

I hope all of us receive tele marketing calls to buy a personal loan. These are mostly blind calls because tele-marketers are just given the phone numbers of the people who earn well but that doesn’t mean that they should buy your product. So blind tele-marketing conversion can never be more than 5%.

If we bring Data Science Intelligence in our approach to reach out to the customers based on demographics, product interests, product groupings, age, sex, income range, culture, background. You might not waste your time selling wrong products to wrong customers. Just imagine how wise would it be if you are selling a villa to a peon or an ambassador to a CEO of the company.

4 Powerful Ways To Build A Community Around Your Business

Now is the time to connect. Whether you have been separated from friends and family over the past year, have struggled to get your business out there, or have been otherwise unable to do the things you want to do, now is a great time to get creative and reconnect with the community around you. The same is true in business.

Being part of a community is powerful. It is not only essential for our mental health and wellbeing, but it’s also a vital element of a thriving business. A sense of community is important between businesses and customers, and also between employers and employees.

With the tips below, you can start to build a business that is not only a positive part of the wider community, but one that also fosters a positive community within the business itself.

1. Get Involved Locally

Even if you are a global or international business, or operate entirely online, you can still contribute to your local area. You are providing value and growth to the local population – even if indirectly – so why not make an effort to connect with your community and get involved?

This might include donating to local causes, getting engaged with fundraisers, offering internships or work experience for local students, giving encouraging talks or speeches in schools, and more.

There may also be some complimentary local businesses with whom you could collaborate. You could run joint offers with them, for example, or joint advertisements. And if you have similar or crossover skillsets, perhaps you could join forces on particular projects.

Whether you are building a community online or in person, reaching out to potential collaborators can reap real rewards.

2. Start From Within

Building a community is not only about looking outward at your wider surroundings. It is also about looking inward and reflecting on the community that you are building within your own business – however large or small.

It can be helpful to consider the values and mission of your business overall, and how you can reflect them within your business culture.

For example, your values might include originality, innovation, and self-expression. Think about the ways you could encourage these values among your workforce – such as by scheduling regular creative activities or field trips for your team members, perhaps.

Another great way to build additional community within your business can be to attend events or training courses together. You could perhaps begin by researching the certifications or qualifications that are most valued or relevant to your industry, and then get started.

You and your workforce will not only build great team values and stronger connections, but will be more qualified too.

3. Host Events

Community is of course about bringing people together, and what better way to do that than by hosting events? You could perhaps hold conferences, conventions, or networking events and set them up online, if needs be.

For example, during national lockdowns, many businesses or educational institutions around the world took their programmes and services entirely online.

Live-streamed conferences, Q&As, and tutorials are especially popular and can be hosted via websites or social media platforms. This can be a great way to connect with potential clients and customers who may be all over the world, as well as those who are more local but might have limited mobility.

Attending a wide variety of events both online and in-person – or even organizing them yourself – is an excellent way to build a strong and supportive community for your business. Not only will you be giving genuine value and knowledge to others, but you will receive the same in return.

4. Outsource To Experts

Building a community starts within your business, branches out to your customers, and can also include those who you outsource to! Outsourcing important aspects of your business to experts is a great way to save time, make use of others’ skills, and grow your business organically.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Companies

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7 Advantages Of Using Automatic Screw Feeder For Your Business

As far as development is concerned, an automatic screw feeder has been going through a lot of improvements. This is true as far as improving the quality and efficiency of the products is concerned. In this article, we are going to talk about a couple of salient advantages of these machines. As a business owner, taking these advantages into consideration is of paramount importance. Therefore, let’s go ahead and consider these advantages to make things easier for you.

7. Cost

The first primary advantage of these machines is that they are fast and simple. Therefore, you don’t need to hire more than one person to use a single machine. In other words, downsizing will be possible as it will help save a lot of costs in the future.

If your business costs are too high because of hiring a lot of employees, you can get a few of these machines to get the job done in a cost-effective manner.

6. Efficiency

Efficiency is the second most important advantage of these units. You just need to hit the lever and the machine will start fastening screws in no time. The speed of these units is so fast that they can allow you to tighten up to 30 screws in 60 seconds.

Automatic feeding is a process that allows a lot of time-saving due to automation. Therefore, it’s possible to achieve a high degree of efficiency for the same reason.

5. Quality

Since screws can be guided, arranged, fed, and locked, it’s possible to achieve a higher degree of quality. Also, proper torque control makes it easier to improve the customer products significantly.

These units allow quick detection of screws. Plus, they give warnings when there is a missing or loose screw. Similarly, there is the detection of slipping screws as well. These features make this unit a high-quality one, especially for a screw tightening business.

4. Screw Feeding Automation

In the case of manual screw feeding, you have to pick and move the screws manually thousands of times. Also, the product will be free of all types of contaminants. This is because you won’t touch the screws at any stage of the process.

3. Minimal Effort

An automatic screw feeder helps pick and place screws automatically. And this can help reduce a lot of effort. Since the machine is made to work using a lever, it can help meet labor-saving and ergonomic needs.

2. Diversified Models

It’s better that you opt for models after you have considered your needs and products. Apart from this, due to the customization feature, you can easily meet the requirements of the production line.

And the good thing is that you can automate the machine fully if you consider what your production line requires.

Various Benefits of Physiotherapy

1. Scope of Use

These units are used in a wide range of devices like fans, optical lenses, speakers, LCD screens, circuit boards, motorcycles, automobiles, computers, and smartphones, just to name a few.

5 Simple & Effective Tips To Spring Clean Your Business

Spring is the perfect time for fresh starts and new beginnings – and that goes for your business too.

Spring cleaning may normally involve physically cleaning, decluttering, and organising your space, but in business, it can extend to so much more than that. For example, why not declutter your digital files, organise your budget, optimise your processes, and more?

With the five simple and effective tips below, you will learn how to spring clean your business in easy and impactful ways. You can help your business from the inside-out, improving and refining inner workings such as processes, budget, and workplace culture, through to outward-facing areas such as reputation, accreditation, and outreach.

Read on to discover where to start when giving your business a spring clean, and watch your business grow and thrive as a result!

1. Revise Your Budget & Processes

An important first step in spring cleaning your business is to revisit its crucial core elements – especially budget and processes.

Your budget should be as flexible and adaptable as possible. It should be easy to maintain, and most importantly, regularly reviewed. Otherwise, it is easy for costs to creep up and for the business to become unprofitable.

You can use this as a time to assess exactly how and where your business is spending money, and assess whether you are receiving enough benefit from these expenses.

Perhaps there is one area of outreach or advertising that is working well, for example, and another that is weak. Maybe it would be a better decision to invest more in the effective area, and stop paying for the other.

Depending on the size and scale of your business, budgets and processes can quickly become overwhelming and time-consuming – especially if they need to be regularly reviewed. This is a great time to embark on our second tip, getting a fresh perspective from a knowledgeable professional.

2. Enlist The Help Of Experts

No matter how experienced and accomplished they are, the best entrepreneurs know when others know better! They enlist the help of experts, specialist advisors, and those with specific skillsets, on a daily basis.

A great way to update and upgrade your business is to do the same. Identify the areas that you most want to improve or seek advice on – such as processes, budget, or advertising, for example – and enlist the help of an expert.

Many companies rely on copywriters with experience in search engine optimisation, for example, or bid and tender professionals who can identify the best opportunities and help to win more work for their business.

An expert professional can help you to gain an overview and see the bigger picture in your business, or else home in on the fine details and the specialist support that they can provide.

Rather than trying to learn and execute everything yourself, rely on the knowledge and experience of others, thereby growing your business as a team – whether as a one-off consultation or a more sustained, regular collaboration.

Select the areas of your business on which you wish to focus, then research and reach out to the best professionals who can help.

3. Communicate With Your Team

A spring clean of your business should also involve the help of your team. Now is a great time to discuss your ideas and goals with them, and to get their input.

Not only is this a great way to gain additional insights on where your business might be thriving or underperforming, but studies also show that employees who feel involved and consulted are more likely to be invested in the outcome, and in the business overall.

Additionally, seeking the opinions of your team and genuinely trying to implement their advice, suggestions, and preferences is a great way to foster a strong team dynamic and grow the business organically.

The best leaders are not only concerned with what their employees can do for them, but also what they can do for their employees. Make an effort to foster a workplace culture that is inclusive, communicative, and mutually supportive.

Your business will soon reap the rewards of a happy workforce, with increased productivity, better employee retention, and faster growth!

4. Earn Certifications & Accreditations

A great way to upgrade the inner workings of your business – as well as its image and public reputation – is by seeking official accreditations and certifications.

Certifications and accreditations are a great way to instantly communicate your legitimacy, experience, and trustworthiness to your potential clients.

They help to show that you are fully up-to-date with all the necessary safety protocols and procedures, for example, and that you have undertaken the relevant checks, examinations, and more.

An accreditation or certification can communicate all this with just a simple logo or ‘stamp of approval’. In a competitive marketplace, more customers than ever are seeking the fastest and most reliable ways to decide which company to purchase from.

A trustworthy stamp of approval or accreditation could therefore be the difference between standing out from your competitors or slipping under the radar of your customers.

The best choices of accreditation will depend on your industry and sector. Respected accreditations in construction will differ from well-known certifications in accounting, for example, but both would serve the same function as a great way to immediately demonstrate your expertise to potential clients and customers.

5. Align Your Goals With Your Values

Whatever the time of year, be sure to regularly assess your business goals and whether they still align with your overall values and vision.

This might include factors like your working hours, workplace culture, as well as the growth you want to see for your business in the next few years, the problems you hope it will solve, and the customers you want it to serve.

Strategies to Make Mobile Learning More Effective

Mobile Learning has become an essential part of corporate training and with constant use of these impressive Mobile Learning strategies, you can enhance the impact of training. These strategies will also help you in creating a positive impact on your ROI.

Here are the 4 major strategies to make mobile learning more effective:

Microlearning for Better Recall and Retention

Build training paths and learning courses to offer short, nugget-based learning to employees. This way you’ll be able to help employees improve their knowledge retention capability. Employees will be able to go through these videos whenever they feel like and the short duration of videos will help them understand a concept in less time.

Gamification Provides High Engagement

Add gamification for serious training and you’ll notice more powerful engagement and greater retention for corporate training. According to a survey, 90% of employees feel more productive when leveraging gamification, and engaging in gamified activities increases motivation by 58%. Also, more than 69% of employees intend to stay with a company for over 3 years if they get to indulge in gamified activities.

Video-based learning for In-Depth Understanding

You can use the strength of video-based learning to decorate a traditional eLearning course. Creating content in video formats and graphics helps learners understand a concept more precisely and they can concentrate on learning with deeper interest.

Social Networking Promotes Collaborative Learning

The best mobile LMS consists of a social networking feature that helps in collaborative learning. Smartphones can be used to share and recommend learning videos. It can also be used as a communication platform to interact with peers on both, formal and informal topics.

According to a research, it’s anticipated that in the next two years, 1.87 billion people will be Mobile employees, comprising 42.5% of the total global workforce. This proves employees are no longer bound to their desks and prefer completing assignments on the go.

To know more about Mobile Learning and the best mobile LMS, please write in, or visit us. We will be happy to discuss solutions and strategies catered to your needs.

Top 3 Ways to Make Performance Based Learning More Effective

Performance-Based Learning is an impressive approach to strengthen employees’ corporate training program wherein personalized learning needs are added to the trainee’s curriculum. Here are the top 3 ways through which Performance-Based Learning can be used efficiently:

Establish a Personalized Learning Experience

According to LinkedIn, more than 58% of employees prefer learning at their own pace. The best way to create employee-centric training is by gathering data on the learning styles of employees, their qualifications, and their progress. With the help of data-driven solutions, it will be easy to provide accurate training to the employees which will result in a better performance.

Create a User-Friendly Platform

If you are planning to establish a new training platform for your employees, you need to make sure that the employees can easily use the platform and at the same time, enjoy the learning process. Check how intuitive the user interface is and how helpful the user experience is. You need to make the transition as smooth as possible through maintaining constant communication and absorbing the feedback.

Make Learning Collaborative

When using a Performance Management System, engagement occurs automatically. The reason behind the engagement factor is a personalized, accessible, and easy way to solve work-related challenges. Still, to make a higher impact on the learner’s engagement, the best way is to opt for a collaborative approach. This can be done through competitions, wherein the employees get involved as an individual, or in teams. This process will be fun and interactive, and employees will love to get involved in such kind of a training for their personal, as well as organization’s growth.

Performance-Based Learning connects learning to performance data, motivates the employees, and help them grow. To know more about Performance-Based Learning or Performance Management System, please write in, or visit us. We will be happy to discuss solutions and strategies catered to your needs.

Above mentioned ways show how Performance-Based Learning results to be an impressive approach to organizing and in stimulating employees’ learning. These are the best ways to make it more efficient. Try it yourself and let us know what you think!

Types of ELearning Solutions to Empower Corporate Training

Organizations can ensure employee commitment and retention by bettering corporate training programs. Traditionally, employee training was conducted by instructors who had expertise in specific subjects based upon the training needs of a company. The company would then organize training sessions, workshops, and seminars led by the subject matter experts. All this has transformed in the age of digital learning because of the introduction of the internet and here we have the types of eLearning Solutions to enhance corporate training:

Virtual Classrooms

These are the modernized versions of an expert-led corporate training program. Virtual Classrooms help both experts and employees to get involved in the program. This type of eLearning model promotes communication, engagement, and ideation.

Video Modules

This type of an eLearning module consists learning videos that have been created in advance for the corporate training program. Video Modules can be designed with animation or with a human expert. The possibilities are unlimited when it comes to producing videos for an employee training program. According to studies, adding video can improve employee’s ability to remember concepts and details.

Customized eLearning

Every business has diverse corporate training requirements and every employee or group of employees has distinct requirements when it comes to employee training. This is where customized eLearning plays a crucial role. In this type of eLearning service, there is the versatility of holding the capability to choose and customize employee training programs.


This type of eLearning module refers to the delivery of content in the form of small bite-sized knowledge chunks. No learning module exceeds 5-10 minutes, and specifically approaches one learning objective at a time. This way Microlearning allows employees to retain knowledge more efficiently.

According to a survey conducted by the Brandon Hall Group’s HCM – “eLearning can reduce employee training time by as much as 40-60%”. Reduced corporate training time means that employees can contribute more time to performing their primary objectives. To know more about types of eLearning and eLearning service, please write in or visit us. We’d be happy to discuss solutions and strategies catered to your needs.

6 Things To Consider To Help You Find The Best Packaging For Your Cosmetics

In this article, we are going to talk about different types of packing for cosmetic products. Just like soaps, you have a lot of options to choose from, such as bottles, jars and tubes. Therefore, it’s important that you opt for your color, size, and shape after a lot of thinking. Besides, you need to consider other factors like transportation and durability. Given below are some tips to help you opt for the best packaging. Read on to find out more.

1. Packaging Materials

You can go for bottles, jars, and tubes. But one thing is certain: you have to choose between glass or plastic. Today, buyers are quite environmentally conscious. Therefore, it makes sense to consider a couple of terms to help you opt for the best material.

2. HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene)

As far as cosmetic packaging is concerned, HDPE is a popular material due to its strength. The good thing is that it’s resistant to chemicals and moisture. Plus, it can withstand temperatures of as low as -100ºF and as high as 120ºF. Therefore, it can fight the elements. Also, HDPE can be recycled and can be found in a lot of shapes and sizes.

3. PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate Plastic)

Just like HDPE, the good thing about PET is that it’s durable and lightweight. As far as temperature resistance is concerned, it can be good when the temperature is between -40°F to 120°F.

Basically, PET is as clear as glass and can be found in a lot of colors, such as crystal clear, amber and cobalt blue. Also, it can be recycled without any problem.

4. Glass Packaging

Without any doubt, glass packaging can be a good choice for your business. Also, it won’t react with most ingredients or products. On top of this, it is not classy and can be found in a lot of colors, shapes, and sizes.

Before you choose glass packaging, we suggest that you consider shipping. Ideally, you should go for a durable bottle that won’t break easily. Since glass is heavier than plastic, you may want to consider this factor.

5. Filling Containers

Before buying containers, don’t forget to consider the method to fill them. Generally, bottles and jars are easier to fill based on the product’s viscosity. If you like tubes, you can use different approaches to fill them. Also, if you want to fill tubes manually, you can use large syringes as they can help fill a lot of tubes in a short period of time.

6. Shipping

As said before, make sure you go for packaging that won’t get damaged during shipping. As far as durability is concerned, don’t forget to look for a look for a carrier that can easily send your products to the customers safely.

Best Place for Your Relaxing Corporate Gathering

After a long hard day, relaxing with your friends and colleagues is very necessary nowadays due to the tiring work pressure in the corporate sector. There are so many restaurants and clubs that organize parties for the corporate sector. In Delhi/NCR region, Gurgaon has some of the best enjoyable and exciting places for a corporate get-together. There are different kinds of restaurants, bars, and clubs that organize different parties, including fun and management activities.

These places in Gurgaon have raised their standard across the NCR region by organizing outstanding parties enjoyed by all. Many restaurants offer bars and amazing food at a reasonable price, bringing high spirits from around the state. There are many varieties of food from Italian, American, Mexican, and Chinese to South Indian, North Indian, etc. The places are organized quite well, and most of the clubs and bars’ ambiance is beautiful and extraordinary. There are also DJ’s and live shows performed on selected evenings to make your night even more memorable. If you are a singer or like to sing, they also offer karaoke nights on selected evenings.


If you want to celebrate birthdays, retirements, or any other special occasions, the places in Gurgaon offer outdoor sitting arrangements, rooftop dining, and much more. There are also smoking and non-smoking rooms to separate into groups and game stations for the young interns. The venues over there also offer a foosball table, Jenga, and some even have pools to make your visit unforgettable.


These places are usually packed most of the time, and you should pre-book either online or by calling specific restaurants and bars before you visit. If you have pre-booked the venue, you may get exciting major deals and get a big discount if a group is sizable in number. This will be a great saving in money and time. In many places, if the gathering is large, you can negotiate on food and the menu you would like to have. The ambiance over there is gorgeous, and all the workers are well-mannered. All of the people working there also wear gloves and masks during this time and take requisite precautions to make your stay safer. You can also visit your colleagues’ place during football and cricket matches since there are many sports bars over there that provide large LED TV’s for your entertainment. The prices at the sports bars may be comparatively high because of the large TV screens, but the prices are reasonable if you also plan to eat there.