November 27, 2018


The site uses cookies. The browser supports CSS columns. Usable Display Height – restricted -. Supports Client Side – restricted -. The browser’s JavaScript engine supports Session Storage. LTE – restricted -. Voice over Cellular – restricted -.

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Image GIF89A – restricted. OS Proprietary – restricted. Users and providers may refer to such a message as a PXT, a picture message, or a multimedia message. The browser supports the canvas element. An electric battery is a device consisting of one or more electrochemical cells with external connections provided to power electrical devices such as flashlights, smartphones, and electric cars.

The browser’s JavaScript engine supports Events. Description Video Specification Reviews 0. This includes enhancements within the 2G range, e. JS Web Workers – restricted.

Marketing Name Anycool T The device is a tablet device. The ability of the web browser to render a page using WML. The products of our store are the real bestsellers and w. Describes the maximum size in bytes for media files embedded in a web page.


This includes enhancements within the 3G range, e. The ability to play WMV envelope for video files.

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The ability of the web browser to start a new SMS message when a URI is defined with the protocol sms followed by a telephone number e. JS Application Cache – restricted. The browser’s JavaScript engine supports Local Storage. Display PPI – restricted.

Diagonal Screen Size – restricted. LTE – restricted.

Anycool T828 Quad Band,TV,Dual Standby,Dual Bluetooth

The name or type of the browser rendering engine used by the browser. Products DeviceAtlas overview Get an overview of our technology. Type of SIM card: The device is distributed with Bada OS pre-installed. Network Protocols CSD – restricted.

The supplier of the operating system. We observe the policy of providing only branded commodities. Anycooo device is a television. The device is able to play the MIDI file as expected. About the only way you could possibly achieve this length of service is to fully charge the battery and then lock it away in an area that is signal neutral.


Also known as CSS resolution. It can be an ambiguous term especially as the displayed resolution is controlled by different factors in cathode ray tube CRT displays, flat-panel displays including liquid-crystal displays and projection displays using anjcool picture-element pixel arrays. Support for the playback of media encoded in the MP4 envelope, with the H codec and in Level 1.

Number of SIM card slots the device is equipped with.