November 29, 2018


Btrieve allows for duplicate key values in an index. Btrieve grew to a developer base of over 5, users and was widely used in the financial area. Btrieve uses a b-tree format to store record indexes on particular table columns. Additionally, other clients could read the locked pages, and would not see any changes to a file involved in a write transaction by another process that had locked the record. Think of it like a mini-OEM agreement.

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Once activated, database security no longer requires bhrieve the user has access to the underlying files. This can be in single-user copies, 1 thousand-user copy or any combination in between. It involved the creation of a new “pre-image file” before the changes were made, and then the pages from the original data file were copied into this new pre-image file temporarily.

Quick and Easy Btroeve. These pages are marked as “Extra” pages, and are used up before space for new pages is allocated. Pervasive PSQL v11 continues with the 9.

Architecture of Btrieve – Wikipedia

One of the key drivers of the engineering effort behind Pervasive PSQL v11 was the redesign of the database engine to increase performance and scalability on multi-core CPU’s. The client-based version of Btrieve for Windows could access server-based versions btrievee Btrieve via a DOS-based “requester”. In Btrieve, each page is fixed but a record can be larger than the page size. Inversion 6. ByNovell had largely given up on attempting to make NetWare into a complete alternative operating system, and started selling off many of the companies it had acquired only a few years earlier.


It holds the page sizethe number of pages in current use, the number of keys that can index the file, the number of records in the file and other details. The dynamic binding of components was done using a new “Abstract OS Services DLL” that looked for the latest version of the appropriate needed component via the file name encoding. This allows you to offer the SQL-enabled version of your software to your customers as quickly as possible. Native, optimized connections with both your existing Btrieve database and SQL.

It was originally a btrjeve manager published by SoftCraft. The file had an index for searching that linked to physical pages.

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Migrate Your Btrieve Database to SQL – BTR2SQL – Mertech

For those seeking support for stored procedure and functions, PostgreSQL provides an enterprise level database with absolutely no licensing fee. It is part of the Btrieve 12 download. It meant the key would not be included into the index, and this helped decrease unnecessary searching of the database via the index.

Archived from the original PDF on However, the company changed to a component-based architecture called SmartComponents to resolve compatibility issues with upgrades. EXE into memory and sends the necessary database requests to it. A separate b-tree is kept for each index in the system, and the root node information is kept in the FCR. They have a committed and loyal developer-base and according to company literature, they remain fully committed to the product.


Pervasive completed its IPO in September.

Alternate Collating Sequence ACS pages are pages that allow records to be sorted in a different order. Product Authorization was initially implemented with trial downloads and e-commerce orders. This is because with shadow paging some pages in the system may not have an entry in the PAT.

Architecture of Btrieve

MEFS allows different clients running under different engines to access the database. A navigational database is one in which the logical access to the data in the database is done via the application-level interface or API, It is navigational in the sense that logical relationships are traversed by the application code “navigating” its way through the database. Btrieve is a transactional database navigational database software product. For developers looking to adopt an enterprise level database with absolutely no license fee or royalty, PostgreSQL is the solution.

Each PAT has a fixed number of pointers to logical pages, with each entry that is empty having a value of zero. The file name loaded for Btrieve files in Backus—Naur form is:. Your product bundle includes: