December 7, 2018


I booted the box to windows this evening, and the quality on SBS was also abysmal. The card worked fine, until I did a full update when I think a new kernel version or at least I saw it was installing new kernel headers, amongst many other things was installed. But I would image you do the following:. When I did that the camcorder came up brilliantly. All channels now working in karmic Anyone seen any progress on this anywhere?

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I had one and I had it vtv1000s perfectly after about 70 hours of mucking round over a period of weeks in lucid after downloading making and editing and installing and manually adding numbers in tv channel set ups etc and then after about 3 or 4 days it would just stop working. If it’s really that annoying, then just get another card.

So I gave up and went back to XP. Be the first to review this product.

If an ETA is available it will be displayed on hover. I guess it’s down to the receivers. I just finished setting up the card under Ubuntu Question for anyone that has gotten the DTV S card working: To compile both v4l and dvb, just do: The kernel that you have won’t matter because the driver is not yet included in any kernel it will be but may take a while. Needless to say that the card is not auto-detected in Myth, due to premission problems I suspect.


WHat settings did you use? They lead me along the right path in the end: I might get a cheap Capture card or see if I can borrow 1 and build a test rig Increase the scan timeout values under Video source I think? Nope, that didn’t work.

DTVS on linux? – Linux/BSD

I have swapped around all the cabling, and used the cables going to the mythtv box to try signal to the TV, and consistently The TV signal is perfect, and the mythtv signal dtv000s. I was told recently that this card is not supported under linux, and is dtb1000s unable to be used with MythTV. Thanks for trying tho! Thanks for that, definitely makes a big difference. Any DVB-T receiver is cheap these days. I’m not gonna go near the remote I have no need!

Leadtek DTV S Drivers Download – Update Leadtek Software

You then need to down load the latest driver dtvs http: Thx heaps for all the previous posts. I have had similar problems very occasionally and i’ve never really been able to nail down exactly what it is although I think that it is related to poor signal.


Anybody got this going with the standard onboard IR receiver and can share dtv100s dmesg and lsmod etc? If you want the remote to work follow my post above, although I suggest just getting the card to work first.

Winfast DTV1000 remote

One step at a time!. After reading different threads on different forums, there seems to be different ways to this.

Virtual Reality What is Virtual Reality? For some reason my other tuner dvtt scans these transports with different frequencies, causing lock to fail on the dvts.

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I havent worked out s-video yet. Anyway, thatPlayTV is looking more tempting.

Another Q — My remote sideways buttons won’t work. For some reason my other tuner dvtt scans these transports with different frequencies, causing lock to fail on the dvts I have had this problem too with some other cards. Full scan — which didn’t pick up 9 or SBS 2. I have the Version 1 remote from the manual Y04G is the model number on the bottom of the remote in very small text.