November 25, 2018


Video quality is a little soft for something called HD, though, and zoom while recording is digital only. I found out I didn’t need a Mode dial because the Coolpix S has mode buttons. Nikon launches Coolpix S compact superzoom. Top Nikon Cameras Nikon D And it’s Smart Portrait mode made me look like I was clairvoyant.

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Color accuracy is actually quite good, with relative small shifts in hues from their ideal values.

Nikon Coolpix S Specs – CNET

Chroma color noise is fairly well controlled up to ISOand becomes more of an issue at ISO and above, especially in shadows and midtones. The standard continuous mode offer around 1fps, which is below average for this class of coolpic.

Exposure with the flash is also uneven, with the lens blocking the flash in all but the extreme top left of the image. I’m not a big fan of letting the camera decide when to snap the shot. You can instantly scroll through the images that you have taken, view thumbnails up to 16 onscreen at the same timezoom in and out up to 10x magnification, apply D-Lighting, the new Skin Softening feature, and Quick Retouch improves the contrast and saturationset the print order, view a slide show, delete, protect, rotate, hide and copy an image, plus cooloix a smaller version and add a black border.


See all 7 pre-owned listings. As promised by Nikon, this is certainly one speedy compact camera. As already mentioned, the S is very slim for a camera with a 10x zoom lens, but note that the camera measures nearly 70mm deep when the zoom is fully extended. In the end, he resorted to using the Collpix S’s video mode for most of the rest of the evening. Again the color capture was the difference with the Kodak failing to capture any detail at all in the red petals and the Coolpix S holding some detail in the red petals and even more detail in the green leaves.

No auto Macro mode?

We were road biking through Greece Italy and Southern france so when we came up to a scene that I wanted a photo of, coolpi was paramount and so was ease of use.

The very first shot was the sweetly smiling Mary we had never managed to capture before.

Shooting, Playback, and Movie. The back of the camera has a lot going on, starting with that gorgeous K dot LCD. Cycle time is about average, capturing a frame every 1. Ratings and Reviews Write a review. The S is truly compact, measuring 2.

Visit our network of sites: I’d thought I would prefer using the Shutter button for that, but I preferred having a different button for targeting the subject.


Black Nikon Coolpix S Its target icon is no joke. Thankfully Nikon have bucked the recent trend of not providing hard-copy coolpjx by supplying it in printed format. This is not Mary, BTW.

She’d look like she was crying or sad. If the camera recognizes a face, that face is automatically tracked.

Nikon Coolpix S8000 Review

That’s a bit low for a megapixel camera, and there are obvious sharpening artifacts. In addition, the Subject Tracking scene mode detects, tracks, and focuses on the main subject, making it easier to capture moving subjects successfully.

If you’re one of those photographers who judges image quality by what you see on the camera’s LCD, the Coolpix S is going to look pretty good to you. Maybe it wasn’t smarts so much as simply underexposing a bit.

Next to that is a small, recessed Power button itself ringed with an LED that indicates power is on. And it’s Smart Portrait mode made me look like I was clairvoyant. You can’t always say that.

But she still didn’t believe the camera had decided when to take the shot.