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abu garcia black max manual - pdf download

a. Congratulations
b. Pictures of Components
c. Family Info
d. How to Fill with Line
e. Drag Adjustment
f. Spool Tension Knob
g. Removing the Sideplate
h. Reel Function
i. Maintenance
j. Warranty Information
Thank you for purchasing one of the world’s most advanced low profile reels. The combination
of low profile design, ultra-lightweight materials and precision engineering makes Abu
Garcia®® THE choice for serious anglers around the globe. Rely on Abu Garcia®® quality and
dependability to keep the fun in fishing.
The following guide will explain how to get the most out of your new Max™ low profile reel.
Each element is described by its name and function. Some features are not found on every reel
model. Read these instructions carefully before using your reel to ensure a proper understanding
of its operation.
Star drag
Palm Sideplate
Handle Sideplate
Nut Retainer
Line guide
Gear Box
Nut Retainer Screw
MagTrax™ Adjustment Dial
Handle Knob Caps
Thumb Bar
Spool Tension Knob
Brake Dial
Handle Nut
Thanks to advanced technology and materials, the new Max™ reels are precision engineered
with a smoother feel and increased performance on the water. The Max™ family of baitcasting
reels includes the Pro Max™, Silver Max™ and Black Max™.
All Max™ low profile reels are designed for monofilament, braid and fluorocarbon lines.
Personal preference and fishing conditions will determine line selection. Begin by passing the
line through the guide located on the front of the reel. Secure the line to the reel using the arbor
knot. Control the filler spool by inserting a pencil into the spool hub. While maintaining tension
on the line with your fingers, wind the reel handle and continue to fill with line to approximately
1/16” (1.5 mm) below the top of the reel spool for best results (show picture). Do not overfill.
(CLICK HERE to learn how to tie the arbor knot in this video)
Braided Line
Some anglers prefer to add a monofilament backing to the reel spool before attaching braided
line. This helps reduce line slip. Using the above instructions, fill the spool with enough
monofilament line to cover the spool. Tie the tag end of the monofilament backing to the
braided line using a uni-to-uni knot, Albright knot or equivalent. Continue to fill the spool with
braid to approximately 1/16” (1.5 mm) inside the upper lip of the spool. Do not overfill.
(CLICK HERE to learn how to tie the uni-to-uni knot in this video)
All Max™ low profile reels deliver smooth and reliable drag tension. Control the amount of
drag by turning the adjustment star inside the reel handle. Rotate the star clockwise (right) to
increase drag or counterclockwise (left) to decrease drag. For best results the drag should be
adjusted to approximately one-third of the breaking test of the line being used. This can be
accomplished by tying the line to a spring scale for precise adjustment. Make sure the reel is
first mounted on a rod and the line has been run though the rod guides before tying to the scale.
The drag should always release before the line reaches its breaking point. Factors such as line
type, technique and fishing conditions may require adjustment to these recommendations. Any
drag setting above half of the line strength risks line breakage.
If a spring scale is unavailable, tie the line to a secure point. With the rod tip up (about a 45
degree vertical angle), apply pressure by turning the handle. Gradually tighten the drag
adjustment star by rotating it clockwise. When the line reaches its breaking point, loosen the
adjustment star ¼ turn.
The spool tension knob controls how fast the spool spins when casting. It is located on the
sideplate of the reel next to the handle. With the rod-reel-line-lure properly assembled, place the
tip of the thumb on the line to hold the spool. Depress the thumb bar with the pad of your thumb
to disengage the gears. Allow the lure to drop to the ground. If the lure does not fall when the
thumb bar is depressed, turn the spool tension knob counterclockwise (left) to reduce tension on
the spool. If the lure falls to the ground and the spool continues to rotate, spool tension is too
loose. Rotate the knob clockwise (right) to increase tension. Additional casting brakes, if
applicable, are designed for fine tune adjustment.
It is normal to experience backlashes when learning how to cast a low profile reel. In the event
that you are just learning how to cast, tighten the spool tension knob an extra ¼ to ½ a turn and
slowly back it off as you learn to cast.
Max™ reels are equipped with a removable palm sideplate that allows access to the spool. To
open the sideplate, gently pull on the sideplate pin head to slide it outward. Twist the sideplate
in an upward motion until it reaches the stop position. The sideplate can now be removed.
How to Adjust the Braking System: Max™ reels feature the adjustable MagTrax™ magnetic
brake system that delivers excellent casting control. For maximum casting distance and minimal
tendency of line over run, it is necessary to adjust the braking system to match the weight of the
lure and angler preference.
- MagTrax™ Brake -
The MagTrax™ magnetic brake delivers consistent braking pressure throughout the entire cast
resulting in smooth, controlled casts. A turn of the dial towards the “MAX” setting moves the
magnetic braking system closer to the spool. As the magnets get closer to the spool, they apply
more braking force and slow the rotation of the spool.
Turn the exterior MagTrax™ brake dial to fine tune spool tension. Rotate the dial towards the